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Bengal Crewing: Your Trusted Crew Manning Agency

Bengal Crewing is a worldwide recognized ship management company. We help our clients with their recruitment needs. Bengal Crewing works with the clients from Marine and Offshore industry, Ship building industry, and Oil & Gas sector. For last ten years we have been praised by our clients for our committed service.

Bengal Crewing has successfully established world class standard of practice when it comes to ship management. We have certifications of MLC, ILO, and ISO 9001:2008. As a government registered ship management company, we fully comply with national regulation on maritime service agency. Since we fully cooperate with International Labor Organizations regulations we have been also awarded with MLC-2006 from bureau veritas, DNV.

Standard ship management company works by creating networks of clients and recruits. Bengal Crewing have gone further by creating a rich database of experts on Marine, Offshore, and Energy sector and utilize then set a standard set of requirement to find out most skilled crew for your industry. Our pre-evaluation ensures that you get the right person for your company. That’s why we are increasing fast in proportions creating alumni of satisfied clients in different sectors. So if you are looking to build your career in this sector and possess necessary skill, we are the first place where you should start.

According to the International Labor Organization’s requirement, Bengal Crewing has developed an efficient procedure to give the candidates multiple options to develop their career. We have trained and expert professionals to keep us focused on maintaining the highest standard. Our trainings for crew agents and supporting stuffs ensure that our client gets the best crew manning service from us. As a top class ship management company we are committed to our reputation and to our client’s need.

In this Crew Manning company, we have experienced and skilled crew members to man any types of ship. From regular crew to certified professionals for specialized operations; we can arrange everything that your business need. Our 24 hours active emergency phone call service and help desk is always open to hear from our clients. Everything you share with us is kept confidential in accordance with the regulations.

Bengal Crewing also offers assistance with fitness certificates, hands on training, IMO & STCW certifications. We have tailored programs to train up crews for marine industry. In addition to the manning service, we also offer crew management service too. Bengal Crewing has a team of consultants to assist our clients with HR, payroll, deployment and administrative tasks. We also offer assistance in every steps of crew recruitment from advertisement to selection. We also offer assistance with crew insurance and crew travel arrangement. And our rate of service is also attractive comparing to competitive ship management company.

One unique strategy that we follow to ensure that you get the best person to fill your permanent position is by making a pool of top candidates for every recruitment positions. We have rich database to make the shortlists and recruiting suggestions. Our pre-screening makes it easier for our clients to find the suitable candidate for their agency. We also keep a database of experience contractors. Because of continuing service, we have created a network of professionals who are ready to take any challenging position in your marine business. You can take our service for your single placement or team placement requirements.

Bengal Crewing offers a comprehensive package for crew management. We have one of the best HR, training support and finance team to assist you. In marine and offshore industry, crew management is directly related with the service performance. That’s why we have appointed the best management team in our ship management company and you can utilize our expertise for your business too. We can give you administrative support including travel and document management, safety and security services. We also have a range of HR services including monitoring and evaluation of performance, setting up performance records, reward and replacement policy. At Sea Crown Marine you can also get assistance for training arrangements too.

Our head office and branches are always open to the crew agents and business clients. Whatever your need, be sure that we can give you the best solution.

Our Standards of Ship Manning Service

  • Experienced and skilled Bangladeshi seafarers
  • We ensure STCW’95 requirements
  • Loyal, medically fit, drug and alcohol free crew
  • Experienced mariners to handle the recruitment process
  • Government approved crew manning agency
  • Cost effective maritime recruitment
  • Client specific partial recruitment of officers or crew
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management standards
  • Performance oriented crew manning agency
  •  24 hours emergency support service


Get professional ship manning service

Bengal Crewing is a registered Ship Manning company of Bangladesh. We are accredited by government and international maritime statutory organizations. We assure your ship safety.

Bangladesh Govt. Approved

Our service is in compliance with Govt. regulations

Bengal crewing is registered to Bangladesh Government. We are approved by Ministry of Shipping to operate government approved manning service. We have fulfilled the requirements to recruit Bangladeshi crews to foreign ships worldwide.

ISO 9001: 2008

Superior Quality Management Standard

Our quality standard is in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 certified by Bureau Veritus. We adapt QMS according to the Seafarer Marine Office. It covers all aspects of our ship manning services.

MLC 2006

We ensure international labor laws

Our recruiting principles agrees with MLC 2006 regulations. Bengal crewing ensures compliance with flag state requirements. We know how important it is to maintain the maritime standards. We maintain our service policy in accordance with maritime laws.

I found this service very efficient. They provide quick service and crew documentation. Good Job!

Zaid Hazade

Crewing Manager

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